Skinny Puppy – Glass Houses (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

Skinny Puppy – Glass Houses
The Holiday
Toronoto, Canada

Looking back, there are really 3 concerts that I missed that I’m still upset about to this day. The first time Unwound played in my home town on the “Fake Train” tour (I was out of town), The Cure, Love and Rockets, and The Pixies at Red Rocks in Denver (my parents wouldn’t let me go because I was only 13), and the time I had a free ticket and back-stage pass to see Skinny Puppy in Denver on the “Too Dark Park” tour but I didn’t have enough money for gas and a hotel for the night (this is why teenagers should be given credit cards, to prevent a lifetime of regrets). The person who originally filmed this show added his/her artistic touch by splicing other horror videos on top of the original video. Wouldn’t have been my artistic choice, but you can’t be choosy when it comes to 20 year old footage.

Download: Skinny Puppy – Glass Houses (Live)

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