The only thing that’s more self aggrandizing than having a blog is having a blog and posting your own music. I didn’t actually write the song, I just played organ on this record. Lux Vanitas was pretty much Impetus Inter, but with an organ and a little more rockin’. I pretty sure they asked me to play on this recording because I was the only person who owned a Farfisa, it certainly wasn’t for my nonexistent keyboard skills. I hadn’t listened to this record for a long time, but the one thing that really stuck out when I was converting it to .mp3 was the sound quality of this record ended up being really poor. It must have been an issue at the pressing plant because I don’t remember the original tapes sounding this bad. It’s a shame because the songs were really good.
[audio:|titles=Jim Lupient|artists=Lux Vanitas]
Download: Lux Vanitas – Jim Lupient

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  1. I was and am a huge fan of Impetus Inter and Lux Vanitas. One of the best live bands I’ve seen multiple times. The mid-1990’s in MPLS was a great period for really good music!

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