This song is from the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas broadcast on December 13, 1996. I really love The Cardigans‘ loungy stuff, but I’ve never been a fan of their more rock stuff which is the sound they usually have when they play live. This recording was made during the “First Band on the Moon” tour and right before their appearance as Kelly Taylor’s high school graduation party band on Beverly Hills 90210. Apparently, Bill Taylor had fantastic taste when putting together her bash.
[audio:|titles=Carnival (Live)|artists=The Cardigans]

Download: The Cardigans – Carnival (Live)


  1. Some people laugh at me for liking the Cardigans. Look into my cd collection. Don’t find a single album they know, then they find the Cardigans. Provided they don’t react in a silly way, I’m prone to give a little speech on why “Life” is such a fantastic record (their first three albums are the ones I like). Then I make coffee.

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