I have no information about this band except they put out once seven inch on Vinyl Communications and they were a four piece from Chula Vista. They are a terrific hardcore band in the vein of Heroin or Amenity. I hope you like it.

[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060105/WithIntent-ToEarth.mp3|titles=To Earth|artists=With Intent]

Download: With Intent – To Earth


  1. I was the singer and guitar player in this band. My name is Jeff. One time my guitar fell out of the back of a pick up truck on the way to a show. Vanished. That sucked. So I had to borrow one for a while. While I was borrowing from a friend of Albert (bass g). We played a show at Alleycat Records. That guitar got stolen from that show…which sucked almost equally. Five years later I was playing drums in RUNFORYOURFUCKINGLIFE at practice and noticed the stolen guitar in the corner, but it had been cut to a different shape, spraypainted and horribly disguised. But there was no mistaking…and Jorge…that is Jorge Romero, my new band mate had stolen it years before. I forgave him maybe because it wasn’t my guitar. I also saw this record in Minneapolis at Extreme Noise Records one time…It was being used as the display for studs and spikes…yes, they had punched holes in this record to display their punk rock goods…I complained on deaf ears. There is two tidbits about this band and record which I no longer have a copy of and would like to have without paying for soooo……cheers!

  2. actually i did not steal the guitar myself, it was offered to my friends by the alleycat staff after the show. apperantly you guys were such in a hurry to get to the show at soma you forgot it. being the opportunistic shameless punks that they were they could not refuse the offer and claimed possesion. then it was taken to my house to be butchered and painted. i was made custodian and sworn to an oath of secrecy . sorry.

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