This song is from the Minneapolis Punk Fest in 1996. My friend Megan was from Washington D.C. and we were lucky enough to get her to convince Anasarca to schedule their tour around playing the fest. As far as all the bands that played, I was looking forward to seeing Anasarca the most. They were a fantastic live band and it’s too bad they only released 2 seven inches before breaking up. A few years ago Second Nature released a discography cd that includes both seven inches and their demo cassette. I would certainly recommend tracking it down.
[audio:|titles=Eugene Debs (Live)|artists=Anasarca]

Download: Anasarca – Eugene Debs (Live)


  1. Do you have the full set of Anasarca? I would love to hear it. Their s/t 7″ was definitely one of the best emotive records of the mid-90’s.

  2. i have this band tatooed on my arm! this recording reminds me why I did it. so much better than the studio recordings! thanks for posting it!

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