The Monday Set – Wintersleep – New Orleans – 9/24/10

Thanks to Carlie for the pic!

New Orleans

Let me start by saying I love Wintersleep.  I don’t know what it is about them; something visceral, I think.  Also, they’ve got a song about an archaeologist, and it’s really good.  On their albums, they’re more sedate than they are live, and I guess seeing them live first (opening for Wolf Parade in Baton Rouge in 2008) was what really turned me on to them 1그램 플레이어 다운로드. But their recorded songs are great, too — similar in sound and scope to those of The National, perhaps even more melodic.  Oh, and a tenor rather than baritone for a singer Coyote Tuggerause.

This energetic set comes from another opening gig, this time for The Hold Steady, but plenty of people were there to see this band, including two girls and a guy who kept waving a full-size Nova Scotia flag throughout the show (see photo) 코딩스크래치.

So: these guys deserve a US headlining tour themselves.  Here’s hoping that happens sometime in the near future.

Track listing:

1 Download Windows 10. Drunk on Aluminum
2. Encyclopedia
3. A Terrible Man
4. Dead Letter
5. Weighty Ghost
6. Black Camera
7. Baltic
8 최신 가요 무료. Laser Beams
9. Miasmal Smoke and the Yellow-Bellied Freaks

Sample: Black Camera

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Download: Wintersleep – New Orleans – 9/24/10 – 215 MB