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The Rest: John Huston

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The Rest - John HustonCanada’s best kept secret The Rest have a brand new record coming out in 2011 and have released this teaser track to the interwebs in advance 바디페인트 다운로드. They seem to be ditching the Shins-esque sound for a more modern synth-laden layered approach which I’m really digging. I’ll certainly be keeping and ear out for their forthcoming SEESAW next year Download x-force crack.

Download: The Rest – John Huston

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The Rest – Modern Time Travel (Necessities)

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I have very little info about this six piece band know as The Rest except that this song comes from their second record which was released earlier this year on Auteur Recordings and they are from generally snowy Canada I downloaded it. At times they have a little bit of a Shins sound to them, but by no means is it a copy. These guys have a distinct sound all their own. I’m digging this new record enough that it’s going to end up in regular rotation in my car CD player 공룡메카드 34화 다운로드. Not an easy feat for most new albums which usually get a cursory listen the iPhone.

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Download: The Rest – Modern Time Travel (Necessities)