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Sparkmarker – Kansas (Live)

I don’t even know how to convey how great Sparkmarker was the first time I saw them 컴퍼니오브히어로즈2. They still had their original singer Ryan who gave the band a lot more energy than the later shows when they were just a four piece. Maybe it was his “Sunkist” shirt that provided the extra magic 유튜브 자동생성 자막. I had no idea that someone actually recorded that show until yesterday when someone pointed me to a folder on a website that had miscellaneous live tracks that were recorded in Rapid City, SD in the early 90’s Computer Clash Royale. Now begins the search to try and track down the entire show if it still exists. Hopefully someone has it in their shoebox of unlabeled cassettes.

Download: Sparkmarker – Kansas (Live)

Sparkmarker – Fistfull Of God

This is the first track off of Sparkmarker’s Jiffy 7″ amiucp. For some reason it was left off of Sparkmarker’s “Products And Accessories” cd compilation. I saw them once with their original singer Ryan who was on the first 5 seven inches 옵티머스 폰트. I remember they were selling this crazy orange jumpsuit that they had screened their logo on. I was fortunate to purchase all their 7″s when they were on tour, but apparently they also released two demo cassettes which I’ve never come across 척 시즌1.
[audio:|titles=Fistfull Of God (Live)|artists=Sparkmarker]

Download: Sparkmarker – Fistfull Of God