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The Monday Set: Seaspin – Los Angeles – 3/15/10

Silverlake Lounge
Los Angeles, CA

I finally got around to checking out Los Angeles locals Seaspin at their month-long Silverlake Lounge residency last Monday night Download More Boss. They are hot off the release of their new EP on Buddyhead earlier this month and took those 5 songs plus 4 others to the small but appreciative Monday night crowd 익스플로러 자동. Just as I suspected, these guys have jumped to the head of the shoegaze-revival pack that’s been going on for the past couple of years. If you find yourself in Los Angeles tonight or next Monday, I would highly suggest checking them out 복음성가 악보 다운로드.

1. Give Yourself
2. Love Is a Fable
3. Dream Life
4. Reverser
5. The Way You Move
6. I Am Saved
7 영화 콜로니아. Plastic Devotion
8. Time To Say Goodnight
9. Car Crash

Update: Thanks to Jess for providing the full setlist.

Sample: [audio:|titles=The Way You Move (Live)|artists=Seaspin]

Download: Seaspin – Los Angeles – 3/15/10 – 203 MB


Seaspin – Reverser

I don’t know if it’s because I live in Los Angeles and have over time adopted the universal jaded attitude that goes along with living here, but I’m notoriously bad about checking out local bands Download IonFlux. When I do go to a show, I try and avoid the opening acts as much as possible. Sometimes that bites me in the ass when I hear the band later, but it’s also helped me dodge a few “bad band” bullets as well 홀로그램 영상. Quite a few actually. So I will go months before hearing a new decent LA band. And then I usually I hear a track or two online and have to make a special trip just to catch a local band 알려줘. That will be the case when Seaspin plays their Monday night residency at the Silverlake Lounge next month.

I’ve had tracks of theirs sitting in my inbox for months now and still haven’t made it to one of their shows 제로의 사역마 게임. And every time I hear something else by them, it solidifies my desire to see these guys (actually 3 guys and one girl) live. There’s definitely some heavy Curve influences going on here, but I’m fine with that Download it to Gengo. In fact, I encourage it. Look for them to lead the pack of the shoegaze revival bands.


Download: Seaspin – Reverser