Phillip Eno – Start Again

Lito, the “husband” of husband and wife duo Phillip Eno sent me a short message to check out their band and I’m glad I did 코딩스크래치. They recently released a “Live at Lit Lounge” record, which looks to be their third(!) release this year and there are all kinds of great influences being thrown into their songs Download Windows 10. The first thing that came to mind with the song I’m posting today was early Sisters of Mercy relying on Dr. Avalanche for the beats 최신 가요 무료. Imagine that sound, but considerably updated and with a female singer and you’ve got a good starting point. Sounds good, right? It is. And as an extra bonus, they have all their records available to download for free on their website Download the meth movie. But don’t be a cheapskate, throw them a few bucks if you grab a bunch of tracks. Or better yet, go check them out live if you’re in the NYC area Download The Japan League of Legends. It sounds like they have a pretty impressive live show.
[audio:|titles=Start Again (Live)|artists=Philip Eno]
Download: Phillip Eno – Start Again