NOFX – Bob (Live)

NOFX is the original brat-punk band whose influence spawned an unfortunate long stream of 2G knock-offs that littered rock charts and music mags throughout the early 2000s drozer 다운로드. I have a theory that the worth of a band has to be deducted or increased by the quality of its progeny. As such NOFX might take it in the shorts to ‘atone’ for bands for which they had little control over, but whatever the case, NOFX is certainly well within my good graces, although, I admit that I haven’t kept up since “Two Heebs and a Bean.”

NOFX toured on the heals of fellow Epitaph stalwarts, Rancid, even though neither has a new album out Download My Home Entertainment Room4 710. NOFX even covered Rancid’s “Radio”. The show was good despite being marred by the the show being interrupted by the most awkward on-stage wedding proposal by one of the roadies cj 서체 다운로드. Truly terrible.

Anyway, here is “Bob” one of my favorite tracks.
[audio:|titles=Bob (Live)|artists=NOFX]
Download: NOFX – Bob (Live)