Kid Bombardos – I Round The Bend

There’s something about Kid Bombardos that I really like but I just can’t put my finger on exactly what it is 구층요탑 다운로드. They have a pretty distinct style which is refreshing. Probably due to having their roots in France and not one of the other countries you typically think of when listing off hotbeds of indie rock Download movie friends. Maybe think Stephani Grappelli crossed with The Strokes, but better musicianship (than The Strokes silly 드라마 대본! No one’s better than Grappelli). Writing that sounds a little retarded, but I’m at a loss for another description. Give the track a listen, it’s certainly better than my half-assed attempt at a description Long-term dossa. That’s why I’m a music fan and not a music journalist.

[audio:|titles=I Round The Bend|artists=Kid Bombardos]

Download: Kid Bombardos – I Round The Bend