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Front 242 – Quite Unusual (Live Video)

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Front 242 – Quite Unusual
Paris, France 16.11.87

This is a great video of early Front 242 Bayer sheet music. It’s pre-Front By Front which I think was their defining record, but you can see glimpses of greatness in this clip.

Download: Front 242 – Quite Unusual (Live Video)

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Front 242 – Felines (Live)

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Front 242 were the band that started my longstanding love with Wax Trax .net framework 4.7.2! Records. After getting into Ministry, “Front By Front” was the first independent label release that I came across. After that, I discovered Skinny Puppy and then started to buy up the more obscure Wax Trax 워크래프트3 iso! stuff like Pig, Front Line Assembly, and KMFDM. This song was recorded live in Duesseldorf in 1989 during the “Front By Front” tour.
[audio:|titles=Felines (Live)|artists=Front 242]
Download: Front 242 – Felines (Live)