The Monday Set: ESP-Beetles – With The

With The (Cassette)

I picked this cassette up at a His Name Is Alive show in Minneapolis Asus Live Updates. This was released on Time Stereo in 1994 and is a collection of tape loops brought to you by Warren Defever and friends. I have no idea if those are the correct song breaks, but it’s what sounded “logical” to me Download the next version of The Pot Player.

1. Last Song
2. No Songs (Pt. 1)
3. No Songs (Pt. 2)
4. Quiet
5. Jason Tape (Pt. 1)
6. Jason Tape (Pt Download the electronic calculator. 2)
7. Kill Me
8. Hurry Up
9. Right Now
10. Try To Contact Sun Ra (Pt. 1)
11. Try To Contact Sun Ra (Pt. 2)
12. Try To Contact Sun Ra (Pt 윈도우 7 서비스팩. 3)

[audio:|titles=Try to Contact SunRa (Pt 어도비 인디자인 cs6. 2)|artists=ESP-Beetles]

Download: ESP-Beetles – With The – 324 MB