Car Vs. Driver – Without A Day (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

Car Vs kt wibro. Driver – Without A Day
Under The Couch
Atlanta, GA

I saw Car Vs. Driver play a show at Extreme Noise in Minneapolis Download Troublemaker mp3. They played right after Satisfact, and consequently I didn’t give them the attention they deserved since my desire to see Satifact was bordering on rabid Ecotech. Unfortunately I never had another opportunity to see them again. This song was recorded at a one-off “reunion” show almost 2+ years after they broke up Download life enhancing.

Update: James from Car Vs. Driver just posted the entire audio set from this show over on his blog. Get it here Download the name mp3.

Update 2: Pretty much forget everything I said in the above post. I must have been smokin’ crack when writing it because I did see them a “second” time and totally confused them with Cars Get Crushed at the Satisfact show Blitz Roltoches. My indie cred is now all gone. When thinking about it, I think I remember hanging outside The Fireside Bowl with some of the members of CVD waiting for show to start Download the Legendary Album of Zannabi. There was some Mexican grocery store close by which had some very amusing key chains nearby that we all had a laugh about. Thanks James for the correction…

Download: Car Vs mcpe store 다운로드. Driver – Without A Day (Live Video)