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The Monday Set: LCD Soundsystem – New York – 3/28/11

LCD Soundsystem
Terminal 5
New York City, NY

So this was the opening night of the much-hyped “farewell” concert series for LCD Soundsystem Download the hymn mr. After the villainous triple threat of corporate America, scalpers, and free market capitalism hijacked the ticket sale for the Madison Square Garden show, snatching up all the tickets and exorbitantly marking them up for resale on legal pirate scalper outpost StubHub, James Murphy booked 4 shows at Terminal 5 to amend for the miscalculation 삼성전자 키스. Even this did little to tame the public’s appetite to see LCD Soundsystem one last time, as the T5 shows sold out immediately, but this time with scalper-proof distribution requiring ticket pick-up at 6:30 the day of the show teamviewer portable.

I’ve never been big on LCD Soundsystem. I’ve had “Sound of Silver” on my iPod for years, but rarely listened to it. Despite being considered one of the best albums of 2007 (at least that’s what Wikipedia told me), the album just never clicked for me 임진록 1. But after witnessing them live, I have to say that I finally get it. The show was nothing short of a spectacle. There had to be close to 20 people performing both on and off stage including a chorus Fraps genuine. I counted at least 13 keyboards in addition to a battery of percussion and the usual guitar/bass/drums setup.  The 3 sets ran for about an hour each and consisted of some obvious choices and some deep cuts for the hardcore fans in the house, ending well after midnight 일러스트 무설치. I was pretty exhausted at the end and not looking forward to work early the next morning.

But still, a 3 hour show is pretty fucking cool. I’d like to see more bands with extensive catalogues do these kinds of special shows 영화 체인지. I gotta give it up to Mr. Murphy for giving his musical project the proper sendoff that any true fan would want. At least until 2017, when the reunion shows are announced Download the movie mechanics.

Set 1
1. Intro
2. Dance Yrself Clean
3. Drunk Girls
4. I Can Change
5 패스트푸드 게임. Time to Get Away
6. Get Innocuous
7. Thrills
8. Daft Punk is Playing at My House
9. Yr City’s a Sucker
10. All My Friends

Download: LCD Soundsystem – New York – 3/28/11 (Set 1) – 82 MB

Sample: Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Live)
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Set 2
1 Download The Hangul Hitter Practice 2010. 45:33 Part One
2. 45:33 Part Two
3. Sound of Silver
4. 45:33 Part Four
5. 45:33 Part Five
6. 45:33 Part Six
7. Freak Out
8. Starry Eyes

Download: LCD Soundsystem – New York – 3/28/11 (Set 2) – 57 MB

Sample: Freak Out (Live)
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Set 3
1. Us v Them
2. You Wanted a Hit
3. Tribulations
4. Movement
5. Yeah (Crass Version)

Encore 1
6. Someone Great
7. Losing My Edge
8. Home

Encore 2
9. New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Download: LCD Soundsystem – New York – 3/28/11 (Set 3) – 98 MB

Sample: Losing My Edge (Live)
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Klaxons: Two Recievers, Magick and 2 More Tracks (Live)

If there was some kind of an official award for the “Most Amusing Album Cover” given out each year, Klaxons’ 2010 entry, “Surfing the Void”, would make a strong contender Download Samsiseki Fishing Village 2. The cover isn’t particularly funny, it’s just that it’s, well, amusing. I mean, there’s a cat in an astronaut suit! What does it all mean, man Maria? Picking up where 2007’s “Myths of the Near Future” left off, the album is a continuation of the sonic trajectory started on the debut n드라이브 탐색기 다운로드. Interestingly, the band chose producer Ross “The Godfather of Nu Metal” Robinson for the album, who is responsible for producing some really bad (Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Vanilla Ice) and some pretty good albums (At the Drive-In, Sepultura) during the late 90s – early 00s. 

In this recording, the “woo!”s came back with a vengeance, as there was a dude next to me for a part of the show who was all about it (see beginning and end of “Golden Skans”) fds 프로그램 다운로드. Later in the show he moved away from me, but I could still pick up his “woo!” out of all the crowd noise. Very distinctive. If there was a murder and I was forced to pick someone out of a lineup based on the sound of their “woo!”, this guy would be serving 25 to life 토트넘 본머스. Not that I’m a snitch or anything.

Music Hall of Williamsburg 09/22/10
As Above, So Below
The Same Space
Gravity’s Rainbow
Golden Skans
Twin Flames
Two Recievers
Valley of the Calm Trees
Future Memories
It’s Not Over

Surfing the Void
Atlantis to Interzone

Download: Two Recievers, Magick (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Golden Skans (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Valley Of The Calm Trees (Live)

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Killing Joke: Love Like Blood, Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove, Change (Live)

Normally, I hate when an old school band plays a show and subjects us to every track on their new (usually not so good) album vworld 지도 다운로드. Strangely enough, the opposite was the case with this Killing Joke show. In 2010, Killing Joke released their first album by the original line-up since 1982’s Revelations Download onbead. The album is called Absolute Dissent, and it is absolutely fucking brilliant from top to bottom. Inspired by and dedicated to former bass player Paul Raven, who passed away in 2007,  the album is a combination of the many different styles that Killing Joke has adopted throughout their 30+ year career Download the syllabus of mathematics.

The last time I caught Killing Joke was in 2008 when they did a 2-night stand at this same venue, focusing one show on their first 2 albums and the other show on their mid to late-90s material 이데아 apk. So as far as I was concerned, the band was free to play whatever they wanted, hopefully leaning heavily on Absolute Dissent. What I got was a mix of Absolute Dissent and the first 2 albums, with some perennial KJ favorites thrown in Download Snapit. The band sounded great, though I think the guitar was a bit low in the mix.  The only complaint I have is that they didn’t play “The Raven King” which is my favorite track off the new one Download Need for Speed MostOnet.

Post- show, I linked up with TSOI operative Avalanche for some adult beverages at a watering hole conveniently located next to the backstage entrance to Irving Plaza Download Everyday Gothic. After about an hour or so, Jaz and Geordie happened to exit, so I decided to go in for the autograph. I grabbed some paper from my bag that turned out to be my homework for the class I was taking at the time download slack. I ended up with some scribble that I can’t really decipher, (Geordie wrote something about “Spacial Awareness”, Jaz wrote “You Will Succeed”…I think) 스페인어. They weren’t exactly traditional autographs, but when you’re a founding member of Killing Joke, you can write whatever the fuck you want on my HVAC Design homework angularjs 엑셀 다운로드.

Even though there are literally 5 million recordings of “Love Like Blood” live (I counted), I included it because scientific studies have conclusively proven that it’s pretty much the best song ever written. I’ve also posted “Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove” off the new one as well as the classic “Change” from the debut album.

Irving Plaza 12/03/10
Tomorrow’s World
Love Like Blood
In Excelsis
Absolute Dissent
European Super State
This World Hell
The Fall of Because
Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove
The Great Cull
The Wait


Download: Love Like Blood (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

Download: Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

Download: Change (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

Robyn: Be Mine, Indestructible, Konichiwa Bitches (Live)

Up until quite recently, I vaguely remembered Robyn from hearing her song “Show Me Love” some time ago and passing it off as another forgettable song by one of the many interchangeable female pop stars that have dominated the pop culture landscape since the dawn of the music video download mbc news videos. I also remember seeing her getting “interviewed” by Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show a couple years ago and getting the impression that she was pretty clueless and humorless hls 스트리밍 다운로드. Needless to say, I went into 2010 with a pretty low opinion of her.

I heard that for the past couple years, she had more or less abandoned the prefabricated pop stylings of her early material in favor of working with artists with some serious indie cred such as Royksopp and The Knife 슈프림팀. I decided to give her new “Body Talk” 3-part album an unbiased spin and found myself thoroughly enjoying the material. The music is still unabashedly full on pop, but there’s something non-pretentious and honest about the way Robyn delivers her newer music 윈도우 서버 2012 r2. Despite the fact that most of her songs are about being in, wanting to be in, getting out of, or regretting ending a relationship, I’m able to look past the banality of the lyrics and still get down with the music Download gunga mp3.

Still, I had reservations about her live show. Based on the small amount of intel I have gleaned from awful, terrible, not good mainstream pop stars like Katy Perry and her ilk, I braced myself for an obnoxious stage production big on eye candy and low on substance google play services sdk 다운로드. Backup dancers, choreographed dancing, an excessively large band, and worst of all, lip synching. Fortunately, I was way off again. Robyn capped her band member limit with a totally manageable number: 4 팟플레이어. 2 synth players, 2 drummers, and her. That was it. And they sounded really fucking good.

Included here is “Indestructible”, “Konichiwa Bitches”, and an extremely kick ass version of “Be Mine” Pastel Capri.

Terminal 5 Nov. 10, 2010
Cry When You Get Older
Dancing on My Own
We Dance to the Beat/Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do
Love Kills
The Girl and the Robot
Dream On
With Every Heartbeat

Encore 1
U Should Know Better
Konichiwa Bitches
Hang With Me
Be Mine

Encore 2
Dancehall Queen
Dancing Queen
Show Me Love

Download: Be Mine (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Indestructible (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Konichiwa Bitches (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Rammstein: Feuer Frei, Haifisch (Live)

Rammstein sold out Madison Square Garden 다음팟tv 동영상. In 15 minutes. I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. I suppose it is a testament to the law of “supply and demand” being that it was Rammstein’s 1st U.S 로마토탈워2 다운로드. show in 10 years. But still, this is Rammstein we’re talking about, a band that most everyone I knows thinks is a complete joke and/or a bunch of Nazi sympathizers Download naver series rental. Well, it happened, and I probably wouldn’t have believed it except for the fact that I was there and saw an arena full of Americans going batshit for Rammstein

The reasons for the band skipping over the US for so many years is pretty simple download ftz. Rammstein’s infamous stage show consists of large quantities of fire, explosions, props, and flaming props that explode. This requires that their shows take place in arenas, stadiums, and similarly sized venues Realtek rtl8111c driver. In Europe, Asia, and South America, this is not a problem, as the band has been selling out arenas in those places for quite some time. Bringing their stage show to America to play for a half empty arena would be a risky proposition, financially Download Dune 2000. Bringing their stage show to a large theater or club in America would be even riskier, possibly resulting in hundreds of deaths (search Google for “Great White, The Station, fire”) 고인돌 다운로드.

Most Americans still think of Rammstein as the band responsible for “Du Hast“, the band’s lone hit on these shores in the late 90s Download xiami music. After that time period, America stopped paying attention and a funny thing happened; they got much better. The follow up albums “Mutter” and “Reise Reise” demonstrated much deeper and complex songwriting, as well as illustrating vocalist Til Lindemann’s fluency in languages other than the bands’ native German 연애의 맛 9회.

The set was heavy on the bands latest album, “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da”, but they threw in some older gems. While I would’ve liked to have heard more songs that haven’t yet been played in the US, I’ll take what I can get from these guys 무료 안드로이드 게임. I was also thoroughly amused by the white foam shooting mechanical penis that made an appearance during “Pussy“. The band seemed to have been satisfied with their foray into the American market, as they just announced a US tour set to start in May.

 Madison Square Garden Dec 11, 2010
Weidmann’s Heil
Keine Lust
Weisses Fleisch
Feuer Frei
Weiner Blut
Fruhling in Paris
Ich Tu Dir Weh
Du Riechst So Gut
Links 2-3-4
Du Hast

Encore 1
Ich Will

Encore 2

Download: Rammstein: Feuer Frei (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Rammstein: Haifisch (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Jello Biafra: Bleed for Me, New Feudalism, Holiday In Cambodia (Live)

This was one of the more interesting shows I’ve been to 레드햇 6.8 다운로드. It was billed as a “benefit for the UXO” featuring Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, taking place on the “Rocks Off Concert Series” on a cruise around the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor Pandas. Not to get too into it, but the UXO is an organization founded by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who oppose the respective wars. They chose “Fleet Week” in NYC to stage their concert to try to make an impact on currently enlisted members of the military Download windows movie maker 2012. The format of the cruise was a mix of speakers and bands, headlined, of course, by Jello

Jello is one of the most accessible “rock stars” you will come across 오크의 역습. A certifiable living legend to many, he could have very easily spent the entirety of the cruise hiding in the bowels of the ship until it was time to perform 동화책 읽어주기. Instead, he chose to hang out amongst the crowd during the performances, taking pictures, signing autographs, and talking with everyone who asked. I was immediately very, very regretful that I didn’t bring my “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” LP for him to sign as I had originally planned 플스4 절전모드. It was a trip to be standing on the deck of ship as we circled the Statue of Liberty, only to look to my right and see Jello Biafra standing there 5 feet away. 

The show itself was a throwback to the hardcore shows I used to attend at various VFWs and community centers back in the day Oletv. People beating the crap out of each other in the moshpit, fights breaking out, crowd surfing, people pressed towards the front screaming the lyrics into the mic Download the free movie. For a bunch of “left-wing, anti-war, commie pinkos”, this crowd sure was violent. Due to the violence of the crowd as well as a large amount of airborne water bottles, I had to do a lot of ducking and weaving during the set, resulting in poor song quality, but Jello’s rants are clearly audible, and those are worth the price of admission alone Download The MacBook Illustration.

Included here is the Dead Kennedys classics “Bleed for Me” (nice rant on this track, including a pretty sharp rebuke of the Obama administration), “Holiday in Cambodia” and Guantanamo School of Medicine track “New Feudalism일러스트 체험판.

Rocks Off Cruise – May 28, 2010
The Terror of Tinytown
Bleed for Me
New Feudalism
Let’s Lynch the Landlord
Victory Stinks
California Uber Alles
Electronic Plantation
Police Truck
Three Strikes
Holiday in Cambodia
I Won’t Give Up

Download: Jello Biafra: Bleed for Me (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Jello Biafra: New Feudalism (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Jello Biafra: Holiday In Cambodia (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

The Monday Set: Scissor Sisters – New York City – 8/25/10

Scissor Sisters recently returned from a minor hiatus with a new album call “Night Work와콤 타블렛. Apparently the album was created after the band scrapped 18 months of songwriting for the follow up to 2006’s “Ta-Dah“.  I’m not sure what the album was originally supposed to sound like, but I have to say I’m pretty sure that the wait was worth it Download minecraft story mode. In my opinion, “Night Work” is much more dance and pop oriented than their past work, which I was never the biggest fan of. A solid effort all the way through, I was glad the band focused on the new material for this show download u-otp.

On stage, the band kept the pace moving right along, with the Sisters’ opening up with the title track from the new album, and keeping the energy high all the way through Download Gettysburg. I’m pretty sure the stage visuals were impressive though I can only assume, as my view of the set up was obscured due to my vantage point being located in the Fortress of Solitude known as Terminal 5’s Third Floor balcony 삼성브라우저 동영상. But it made for a decent spot to record from.

One of the more interesting moments of the show (for me, at least) was female singer Ana Matronic giving old school industrial bands Ministry, Front 242, and Nitzer Ebb a shout out from the stage before playing “Nightlife.” Very cool to see those types of bands get love from someone so close to the mainstream in the year 2010 넷스케이프 6.0 다운로드.

Terminal 5 Aug 25, 2010
1. Night Work
2. Laura
3. Any Which Way
4. She’s My Man
5 Download yahoo video. Something Like This
6. A Whole New Way
7. Tits on the Radio
8. Harder You Get
9. Running Out
10. Take Your Mama Out
11 diffuse 다운로드. Kiss You Off
12. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
13. Skin Tight
14. Skin This Cat
15. Fire With Fire
16. Paul McCartney
17 all one-piece tickets. Nightlife
18. Comfortably Numb
19. Invisible Light
20. Filthy/Gorgeous

Download: Scissor Sisters – New York City – 8/25/10 (mp3s) – 133 MB

Sample: Invisible Light (Live)
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The Futureheads: Struck Dumb, Jupiter (Live)

Some people will go “Woooo!” to anything at a concert browsinghistoryview. No matter what show I’m at, there’s always a portion of the crowd who came there seemingly just for the chance to yell “Woooo!” at every opportunity without facing the consequences that would normally accompany yelling “Woooo!” in, say, a crowded subway car office home and business 2010 다운로드. I don’t even think they know or care who’s playing. Case in point is this here Futureheads’ concert I attended last summer 잠복근무. The Futureheads are a very chatty bunch on stage, engaging the crowd in extended banter in between every song. Pretty much everything they said to crowd was greeting by a round of “Woooo!”s from all directions Download Street Fighter. From a birthday greeting to one of the bands’ friends (who I’m pretty sure they didn’t know) to a poorly delivered joke that fell flat, the result was a chorus of “Woooo!”s that would’ve made Ric Flair himself proud 섬의 궤적.

As far as the music itself was concerned, the band sounded very tight. The setlist was heavy on songs from their fantastic “The Chaos” album, which I certainly didn’t mind, as I think it’s the bands’ strongest effort yet download smi. I’ve included two of my favorite cuts from the album, “Struck Dumb” and “Jupiter“.

Music Hall of Williamsburg June 1, 2010
The Chaos
Heartbeat Song
Walking Backwards
Struck Dumb
Decent Days and Nights
I Can Do That
Skip to the End
Stop the Noise
The Connector
The Beginning of the Twist
Carnival Kids
Hounds of Love

Sun Goes Down
Work is Never Done
Man Ray

Download: The Futureheads: Jupiter (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: The Futureheads: Struck Dumb (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Disko Fleshpot/Kooler Than Jesus (Live)

During my high school years in Jersey, I was enamored with just about every artist on the Wax Trax 라이온킹 2019 자막! roster. For those who don’t know, Wax Trax! was a legendary Chicago-based “industrial music” label that consistently put out quality releases throughout the late 80s – mid 90s (early Ministry, KFMDM, Revolting Cocks to name some of the more recognizable artists) Download yoon dohyun band song. One of my most prominent musical memories was getting the label’s “Black Box” video anthology on VHS and watching it incessantly Hangul 2014 vp for mac. I set up my stereo so that I could rock out to the audio from the TV. I still have those tapes. Unfortunately due to a parental ban on going to concerts in nearby New York City, I never got to see many of those bands during their peak years before they broke up Download the omr card.

One of those few exceptions was My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, who I was finally able to see in 1998. While the band was several years removed from their brief flirtation with mainstream recognition with appearances in “The Crow” and a major label deal with Interscope, there were still remnants of the bands glory days to be witnessed 소닉 컬러즈. Back then the band was known for having an ensemble feel to it, with an average of about 8 or 9 members on stage at any time. I remember during the show someone was mounted on a crucifix made of mirrors while they received simulated (I think) fellatio 훈민정음 메모패드. It was a memorable show to say the least. After that, I spent a couple years away goth/industrial music and didn’t see the band again until 2003 Morning download of the Taejo Wanggun Empire. By this time, the scene to which they were once a part of was long gone. The show was awful. They had been reduced to a trio, and it was kind of sad to see 쉰들러리스트.

Fast forward to 2007, and I go to the see the band again. Fucking awesome. They came out as a 5-piece and it was as close to the old days as you could hope for Fasting.

The next year they come back and this time there’s no live drummer and no bass player. Sad panda.

So this past summer, the band announces that they’re going on tour with Lords of Acid 이프온리 한글자막. I figure I’d roll the dice and go see them again hoping this would be a bigger budget tour so maybe I’ll get at least a full band. Not quite, but it didn’t turn out to be such a bad thing. Both longtime bass player Levi and backup singer Jacky Blacque made their return to the band, joining core members Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy. While they were without a live drummer again (I was told the drummer had been injured on a previous stop on the tour), it was a pretty solid “greatest hits” set, and any Friday night spent watching TKK perform isn’t the worst way to start a weekend. 

Download: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Disko Fleshpot (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: Kooler Than Jesus (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

Cut Copy: Hearts on Fire, Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution (Live)

For those who aren’t familiar with Cut Copy, you probably should be between paint tools. While the “electro/new wave/synth-pop” formula has been done over and over again to the point of death, then done some more, Cut Copy manages to do it better than just about everyone else in the business while managing to keep it fresh sounding.  Originally starting out as a project of Australian DJ Dan Whitford, the lineup has been expanded to a 4-piece in recent years, and are now billed as a full-fledged band 다운로드. Heaps of much deserved critical and commercial praise has been lavished upon the band in their 10-year existence, and through it all they have kept a rigid independent streak: the band has repeatedly turned down offers to tour with much larger acts such as Lady Gaga and Nine Inch Nails 캠핑클럽 3화.

This show was part of the free “Pool Party” concert series that takes place in Brooklyn every summer, which is just one of the many concert related perks I get to benefit from by living in the borough Download the jar game mobile. The band has been holed up in the studio working on it’s follow up to 2008’s In Ghost Colours for the past year and a half, but made the trek to the U.S 신데렐라 탈출. to play this past summer’s Lollapalooza in Chicago. On the way back home, the band decided to pay Brooklyn a visit for a quick hour-long set Latest 2019 May. Despite having to sit through the obnoxious house DJs they had as openers, I was still thoroughly entertained by the band’s all too brief set, and it was nice to get a preview of some tracks from the bands upcoming release months in advance 아이패드 서체.

You should definitely check out the band’s new album “Zonoscope” which is due for release next month. Although you could probably acquire it now if you know which websites of ill repute to download it from 스위치 펌웨어 8.1.0.

Lights and Music
Far Away
Where I’m Going
That Was Just a Dream
Feel the Love
So Haunted
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution
Hearts on Fire

Sands of Time
Out There on the Ice

Download: Cut Copy: Blink and You’ll Miss the Revolution (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


Download: Cut Copy: Hearts on Fire (Live)

[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]