Author: Mark


Rammstein: Feuer Frei, Haifisch (Live)

Rammstein sold out Madison Square Garden. In 15 minutes. I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. I suppose it is a testament to the law of “supply and demand” being that it was Rammstein’s 1st U.S. show in 10 years. But still, this is Rammstein we’re talking about (More...)

The Futureheads: Struck Dumb, Jupiter (Live)

Some people will go "Woooo!" to anything at a concert. No matter what show I'm at, there's always a portion of the crowd who came there seemingly just for the chance to yell "Woooo!" at every opportunity . I don't even think they know or care who's playing. Case in point is this here Futureheads' concert I attended last summer. (More...)