The Monday Set: Scissor Sisters – New York City – 8/25/10

Scissor Sisters recently returned from a minor hiatus with a new album call “Night Work와콤 타블렛. Apparently the album was created after the band scrapped 18 months of songwriting for the follow up to 2006’s “Ta-Dah“.  I’m not sure what the album was originally supposed to sound like, but I have to say I’m pretty sure that the wait was worth it Download minecraft story mode. In my opinion, “Night Work” is much more dance and pop oriented than their past work, which I was never the biggest fan of. A solid effort all the way through, I was glad the band focused on the new material for this show download u-otp.

On stage, the band kept the pace moving right along, with the Sisters’ opening up with the title track from the new album, and keeping the energy high all the way through Download Gettysburg. I’m pretty sure the stage visuals were impressive though I can only assume, as my view of the set up was obscured due to my vantage point being located in the Fortress of Solitude known as Terminal 5’s Third Floor balcony 삼성브라우저 동영상. But it made for a decent spot to record from.

One of the more interesting moments of the show (for me, at least) was female singer Ana Matronic giving old school industrial bands Ministry, Front 242, and Nitzer Ebb a shout out from the stage before playing “Nightlife.” Very cool to see those types of bands get love from someone so close to the mainstream in the year 2010 넷스케이프 6.0 다운로드.

Terminal 5 Aug 25, 2010
1. Night Work
2. Laura
3. Any Which Way
4. She’s My Man
5 Download yahoo video. Something Like This
6. A Whole New Way
7. Tits on the Radio
8. Harder You Get
9. Running Out
10. Take Your Mama Out
11 diffuse 다운로드. Kiss You Off
12. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
13. Skin Tight
14. Skin This Cat
15. Fire With Fire
16. Paul McCartney
17 all one-piece tickets. Nightlife
18. Comfortably Numb
19. Invisible Light
20. Filthy/Gorgeous

Download: Scissor Sisters – New York City – 8/25/10 (mp3s) – 133 MB

Sample: Invisible Light (Live)
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