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The Monday Set: Shellac/David Yow as the Sex Pistols – Chicago, IL – 10/31/98

Shellac/David Yow as the Sex Pistols
Lounge Ax
Chicago, IL
10/31/98 (Halloween)

Perhaps more than analog audiophiles, members of Shellac, Steve Albini in particular, have developed a reputation of musical aesthetes, perhaps no better exemplified than the one-tone amplifier setups Download the replica game. That said, plectrum to guitar through that rig immediately identifies the band as no other.

Many of us have waited years for the seldom touring Shellac to make it through our towns or to have the opportunity to travel to see a show (it took me 13 years) Got1000. With this build up held sacred by one half of the audience, and the other half simply satisfied with catching a killer rock show by some crack musicians, we have this Shellac concert in Chicago on Halloween 1998 피카츄 배구 게임. Yet instead of the uni-knobbed amps and their often stated “acerbic” sound, presented were the now-dubbed “Shellac Pistols,” comprised of David Yow (Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid) leading the trio, dressed in character and ready to kill it on equipment contemporary to the heyday of Lydon et al 닥터스트레인지. There are accounts circulating describing the rest (I wasn’t even there so I’ll defer to the concertgoers), but to my ears it reminds me a bit of Suicide’s “23 Minutes Over Brussels” with the audience teetering from taunting to seething contempt of what history has shown to be a great show Download ubuntu kernel source. In this case, it was far more benign than for Vega/Rev, and some actually enjoyed this show. Albini’s other forays into covers are well worth pursuing, including AC/DC’s “Jailbreak” (Shellac, Drag City 7″) and Kraftwerk’s “The Model” (Big Black, “Songs about F*ing”) android studio 3.0 다운로드.

1. Holidays In The Sun
2. Bodies
3. Pretty Vacant
4. Seventeen
5. Sub-mission
6. New York
7 안드로이드 apk. Anarchy In The U.K.
8. God Save The Queen

Sample: [audio:|titles=Pretty Vacant (Live)|artists=Shellac]

Download: Shellac – Chicago, IL – 10/31/98 – 218 MB

The Monday Set: Modest Mouse – Atlanta, GA – 9/26/01

Modest Mouse
Criminal Records
Atlanta, GA

Criss-crossing America in September 2001 were two stars of indie rock: one on its way up (Modest Mouse in support of Moon & Antarctica) and one comfortably assuming the role of instution (Built to Spill) 천행기. For two days of their tours, they both just so happened to be in Atlanta, and instead of competing with one another’s shows they booked a double bill set at Variety Playhouse, with each band assuming headline duties once over the course of the two nights 연세본문체. I was one unlucky sap: the shows were way sold out before I caught wind of them. So instead, I managed to catch the closest thing, this brief set by Modest Mouse before one of the shows Download Inside Lewin.

Criminal Records in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta has a history of putting on good brief shows, including a well documented early Pavement gig, from the old store’s location, later featured in the Slow Century DVD documentary Excel Viewer free. Those shows tended to overwhelm the small sidewalk only about a block up from the Variety Playhouse. Their newer digs were immediately next to the Junkman’s Daugther (a former grocery store which sold Atlanta’s youngsters the threads required to immediately become cool) and shows took place outside in the parking lot, against the much louder Moreland Avenue Download Vegas pro 12. The good folks in Modest Mouse found the irony in Junkman’s Daughter’s dictum and donned wigs, ridiculous faux 70s garb, and as I recall a gorilla mask on the drummer, for this brief show, powered only by a small PA Download iPhone ringtones. The sound quality isn’t the best, but it is what it is, and at the time, the truck noise was favorable to the rather loud crowd chatter.

1 download macos mojave iso. Intro/Warmup
2. Paper Thin Walls
3. Third Planet
4. Trailer Trash
5. Lives
6. Diggin Holes in the Water
7. I Came as a Rat

Sample: [audio:|titles=Paper Thin Walls (Live)|artists=Modest Mouse]

Download: Modest Mouse – Atlanta, GA – 9/26/01 – 109 MB

Picture provided by criminal_aurora Download Teiko Kino.

Crocodiles – New York City, NY – 10/25/03

Arlene Grocery
New York City, NY

CMJ used to have its theme nights among those visiting for the conference 웹와치. Wednesday: warm up, Thursday: secret show, Friday: killer sets, Saturday: the mad scramble before heading back to college. My year was 1997 but this particular CMJ Saturday in 2003 felt all the same 서피스 펌웨어. After catching the Waco Brothers and Paul Burch in Brooklyn, awaiting PW Long to never eventually show at the Continental, and Damon Che to put me on the list for the reformed Don Cab at CBGB (for seriously the loudest concert in history), I eventually headed to Arlene Grocery to catch this late night set Download School of Rock. As I recall, the show began about 2:40am (the fog machines started full blast at 2:15).

Now as a little background, I’m a sucker for theme records, which arguably have made for some of the best albums ever: The Who’s “Tommy,” Afghan Whigs “Gentlemen,” Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath,” the Drag City AC/DC 7 inch sides, and Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel Download the first time that The Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu. Sorry Walkmen, yours was a stinker. At the time of the show here, I was largely unaware of theme concerts aside from Cheap Trick’s album concerts or a Bob Dylan tribute at MSG asio4all. Turns out there’s at least a small history to it outside of KISS nutjobs, particularly in indie rock, with mimicked play, instruments, and accents; some of the best ones discovered by me since the show here including Shellac and David Yow masquerading as the Sex Pistols on a Halloween, and The Feelies as VU under the moniker “Foggy Notion.” Arguably, even the Slint reunion tours fit this bill, having to purposefully (and very successfully) sound like their prior selves using dated equipment lg united mobile driver 다운로드. At the time of my attendance to this show, my concept of theme cover bands was colored by an experience at the Toy Tiger on Derby Day 1998 when Operation Re-information, Trans Am, and Don Cab killed it before about 75 people, only to be booted from their early show by the eager crowd outside anticipating the carnage of late sets by Hell’s Bells and Crazy Train 조이풀 노이즈.

So the billing on this particular evening was “Crocodiles, featuring Scott Kannberg” (Spiral Stairs of Pavement and Preston School of Industry), playing Echo and the Bunnymen’s first album 구층요탑 다운로드. I must admit I’m a bigger Pavement than Bunnymen fan, but was up for this seemingly unique nightcap to the mad scramble Download movie friends. Notably, the real deal had played Radio City earlier that night. A few were in attendance for the real show (presumably the band among them), and all reported perfection in reproduction 4 key features of any good cover band, well, at least of any good Echo cover band: intro music, fog density, accents, and guitar jangliness 드라마 대본.

Kannberg is a big fan of The Echo & the Bunnymen, having contributed to liner notes of the 2003 remaster of “Crocodiles,” and singer Kelley Stoltz had recorded his own version of the album in 2001, later to be released by Sub Pop in 2006. So what you have here is the running order of the US version of the first Echo record, with individuals whose chops and fog were in the right place. I was told after the show that some Echo members were in the audience, but I never heard about their impressions (intro music, fog density, accents, guitar jangliness, or otherwise).

1. Intro
2. Going Up
3. Stars Are Stars
4. Pride
5. Monkeys
6. Crocodiles
7. Rescue
8. Villiers Terrace
9. Read it in Books
10. Pictures on My Wall
11. All That Jazz
12. Happy Death Men
13. Do It Clean

Sample: [audio:|titles=Do It Clean (Live)|artists=Crocodiles]

Download: Crocodiles – New York City, NY – 10/25/03 – 207 MB

The Monday Set: The Three Terrors – New York City – 1/26/03

The Three Terrors
Bowery Ballroom
New York City, NY

In the spirit of satirizing the more famous Three Tenors (Luciano Pavoratti, Trini Lopez, and Glen Campbell), Stephin Merritt’s live-only Magnetic Fields69 Love Songs‘ era male vocalist revue (SM, Dudley Klute, and LD Beghtol) were still in the salad days from that critically acclaimed album during this performance on Super Bowl Sunday 2003 d3dx9 다운로드.

This performance was the 3rd of 4 one-off, theme-oriented, NYC performances between ca. 1999-2005. This time around the team featured an eclectic range of songs of drinking, drugs, and delirium, with drugs liberally including female hormonal replacement therapy (Loretta Lynn) Download log4jdbc-remix. As I recall the other shows consisted of valentine songs, broadway/show tunes, and NYC-oriented songs, respectively chronologically. Based on TSOI collaborator Avalanche, who attended shows #2-4, this was the best of the three Amanda.

To my knowledge, this is the only instance of a self-proclaimed Sondheim contemporary playing, let alone, closing a show with, a complete performance of “99 bottles of beer,” during which time the band handed out as many Rolling Rocks or Heinekins to the audience while circulating a bottle of brandy ArchLinux. The typical Bowery
Ballroom all ages audience was much obliged.

(Composer – Title)
1. Brewer and Shipley – One Toke Over the Line
2 Download the Horoscope app. Tom Lehrer – The Old Dope Peddler
3. Lil Green/traditional – Knocking Myself Out
4. Andy MacKay/Bryan Ferry – Love Is the Drug
5 concave program. Allen Brothers – Jake Walk Blues
6. Ben Jonson – Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
7. Don Ho – Tiny Bubbles
8. Martyn Jacques – Heroin and Cocaine
9 windows 8.1 preview 다운로드. Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancini – Days of Wine and Roses
10. Peter, Paul, and Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon (in German)
11. Septimus Winner – Little Brown Jug
12 천천히 평온하게. Jefferson Airplane – One
13. Mick Jagger/Keith Richards – Mother’s Little Helper
14. Stock, Aitken & Waterman (as sung by Latoya Jackson) – Just Say No

Set II
15 레이저 서라운드 프로 다운로드. Homer J. Simpson – Do-Re-Mi-Beer
16. Lee Hazlewood – Sugar Town
17. Gerry Roslie (The Sonics) – Strychnine
18. Suede – The Living Dead
19 카3 새로운 도전. traditional – Nobody Knows How Dry I Am
20. Flanders and Swann – Madeira, m’dear
21. Afroman – Because I Got High
22. Joseph Byrd & Dorothy Moskowitz (United States of America) – Garden of Earthly Delights
23. Lorene Allen/Don McHan/TD Bayless (made popular by Loretta Lynn) – The Pill
24. Roger Waters – Incarceration of a Flower Child
25. traditional – We Be Soldiers Three

26. James Rado/Gerome Ragni/Galt MacDermot (from the musical “Hair”) – Initials
27. traditional – Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall (complete)

Sample: [audio:|titles=Tiny Bubbles (Live)|artists=The Three Terrors]

Download: The Three Terrors – New York City – 1/26/03 – 516 MB