Slant 6
40 Watt Club
Athens, GA

I got this and another amazing live Slant 6 recording from Henry Owings and his never ending box(es) of amazing recordings. I had what must have been a multi-generation cassette version of this soundboard recording that I had traded for in the ’90s, but this one comes directly from the master and ends up being one of the best live recordings I’ve ever heard of the band.

Track listing:
1. Love Shock
2. Don’t Censor Me (False Start)
3. Don’t Censor Me
4. My Escape (Dead Moon Cover)
5. Time Expired
6. Invisible Footsteps
7. Don’t You Ever
8. Nights X 9
9. Blood Song
10. Blue Angel
11. Semi-Blue Tile
12. What Kind of Monster Are You?
13. Become Your Ghost
14. Double Edged Knife

Download: Slant 6 – Athens – 8/3/93 – 176 MB

Sample: Nights X 9
[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]


  1. Wow, this is such a fantastic set – the sound is flawless! Thanks so much for posting it. It’s been owning my ears for the last 48 hours.

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