Love And Rockets
Bren Center
Irvine, CA

I finally got a new cassette player that plays at the correct speed, so I’m back in the business of transferring my old cassettes to CD. Here’s an extremely short Love And Rockets show from the “Earth, Sun, Moon” tour in 1987. Pretty average sound quality, but a great selection of songs.

Track listing:
1. Mirror People
2. Inside The Outside
3. Haunted When The Minutes Drag
4. Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
5. There Could Be Sunshine
6. Kundalini Express
7. Ball Of Confusion
8. Lazy

Download: Love And Rockets – Irvine – 12/6/87 – 278 MB

Sample: Lazy
[jwplayer config=”CustomPlayerAudio” file=”″]

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  1. I found this used on CD a few years back. For some inexplicable reason i didnt get it. That was despite my having been at this show and remembering it to be one of the best shows I have ever seen. The opening act I was completely unfamiliar with and for the time being I was thoroughly unimpressed with. Just some over the top glam-punk band that was more about their image than actual music. It would take a year before Janes Addiction finally grew on me. But that night, they were just some noise freaks standing in the way between me and David J, Kevin Haskins and Daniel Ash.
    Now, I cant find this on CD anywhere. Thanks for the share!

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