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Universal Order of Armageddon – Flux
New Orleans, LA

Generally we post a live set on Monday, but today I wanted to get something up in the wake of all the feedback about how awesome the Universal Order of Armageddon show(s) on the east coast were this past weekend. For how great the Southern California punk rock scene was back in the early-to-mid ’90s, there have been far too few reunion shows of these great bands. On the contrary, the east coast has been KILLING me with reunion after reunion of bands I would love to have seen play again. Recent performances by 1.6 Band, Rorschach, and this past weekend, UOA, have all been reported to be absolutely amazing and all have been missed by me. Granted I was lucky enough to have caught UOA on their first go-around nearly 20 (20!?!) years ago, but I would love to have been at Death By Audio last night to witness it. So I’m hoping the reunion show bug will hit SoCal in the very near future. I’m looking at you Gravity Records bands (Yeah, I know, technically UOA is a Gravity Records band, but you know what I mean).

Download: Universal Order of Armageddon – Flux (Live Video)


  1. I caught UOA in Balt in July 2010 and was just like 1994 but maybe even better. Their sound was thick and controlled which I know doesn’t seem to make sense with them. But it did!

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