Echo and the Bunnymen – Stormy Weather/Bring On the Dancing Horses (Live)

Mac and crew were back in NYC after changes in US visa laws kept them out of the country for the initial tour in support of their excellent album, that landed on my best-of 2009 list, The Fountain. I have seen this band many times, but this particular outing was exceptionally good. One reason I think I liked it so much is Echo and crew steered away from just performing Songs to Learn and Sing and acknowledged that they have some great songs on their recent releases that need to be aired live.

As comes standard with Echo and the Bunnymen shows these days, there is plenty of between songs incoherent, yet somehow entertaining, rambling/mumbling by Ian McCulloch and as also occurred in NYC shows of previous tours, Ian asked if Billy Crystal was in the audience. ?!? At the end of “Stormy Weather” [see below] is an extended segment of a particularly mystifying verbal interlude. I would appreciate it if someone who can decipher ‘Mac-speak’ would provide a transcript of what he is saying…or at least a gist.

I am also including “Bring on the Dancing Horses”, not only because I am such a swell dude, but because it features a nice bit of crowd participation in the chorus. Enjoy.

[audio:|titles=Stormy Weather (Live)|artists=Echo and the Bunnymen]

Download: Echo and the Bunnymen – Stormy Weather (Live)

[audio:|titles=Bring On the Dancing Horses (Live)|artists=Echo and the Bunnymen]

Download: Echo and the Bunnymen – Bring On the Dancing Horses (Live)

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