Apples in Stereo – Dance Floor (Live)

Apples in Stereo were in NYC just after the release of Travelers in Space and Time, their recent follow-up to 2007’s New Magnetic Wonder 수치지적도. I mentioned in the recent TSOI post on Xiu Xiu that most bands out these days are attempting to make the most of, for the most part, well picked-over carcasses of genres and sounds from the past I loved downloading. It should be noted that although, Apples in Stereo unabashedly feast off of Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds and psychedelic-era Beatles, the ‘Apples’ were doing it well before it became so crazy fashionable – or put another way, the Apples were feasting way before the current gaggle (or is it pack?) of hyenas showed up Download El Capitan iso.

On this album, the Apples are gunning for a DIY sunny bubble-gum take on 70s-era synth-based prog rock. There is liberal use of 70s-rock excess such as cow-bell percussion, vocoders, synth licks, falsetto back-up vocals, and other such flim-flammery apk url. I dig it.

Here is a live version of a song off of the new album.

[audio:|titles=Dance Floor (Live)|artists=Apples in Stereo]

Download: Apples in Stereo – Dance Floor (Live)