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There isn’t a lot of information available on the Interweb about jj except that it is a Swedish entity and that they seem to have a cannabis connection (see their latest album cover).  So we weren’t quite sure what to expect when the group opened for The XX in March, in what must win for the shortest-titled double-bill ever.  What we got was a young woman with a mess of blonde curly hair sitting by herself onstage, opening up with an acoustic guitar that she promptly put away after the first song.  The rest of the set was canned tunes with her on vocals; the only accompaniment was a video projected across her onto the wall to her right, timed to the music.

My overall reaction was that I seemed to be watching a woman sing about getting high and playing a video of herself getting high, while she, onstage, may or may not have been high.  (I could be wrong about this.) There was, in other words, something of South Park’s venerable Towelie character to her.  Carlie liked the set a great deal more than me, especially the Afro-style beats, but I can admit that the medley posted here is not half-bad.

[audio:|titles=My Life, My Swag/Masterplan (Live)|artists=jj]

Download: jj – My Life, My Swag/Masterplan (Live)

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  1. Sounds like you took a bullet for me. I was planning on seeing jj here, but skipped it. After listening to your description, I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the hype.

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