The Monday Set: Swirlies – Minneapolis – 5/14/96

The Whole Music Club
Minneapolis, MN

By request, here’s the Swirlies set from their show in Minneapolis back in 1996 윈도우 가젯. I had the foresight to drag my tape recorder to the club on my bike in order to record it. I knew this show was going to be one that warranted the effort to get a soundboard recording reset 다운로드. There’s also a video circulating of the same show which you can see a clip of if you dig around in the archives.

1. In Harmony New Found Freedom
2 vagrant. Two Girls Kissing
3. The Vehicle Is Invisible
4. Jeremy Parker
5. Her Life Of Artistic Freedom
6. Upstairs
7. Sounds Of Sebring
8 Broken Sword. Tall Ships

Sample: [audio:|titles=Her Life Of Artistic Freedom (Live)|artists=Swirlies]

Download: Swirlies – Minneapolis – 5/14/96 – 245 MB