The Monday Set: Swirlies – Minneapolis – 5/14/96

The Whole Music Club
Minneapolis, MN

By request, here’s the Swirlies set from their show in Minneapolis back in 1996. I had the foresight to drag my tape recorder to the club on my bike in order to record it. I knew this show was going to be one that warranted the effort to get a soundboard recording. There’s also a video circulating of the same show which you can see a clip of if you dig around in the archives.

1. In Harmony New Found Freedom
2. Two Girls Kissing
3. The Vehicle Is Invisible
4. Jeremy Parker
5. Her Life Of Artistic Freedom
6. Upstairs
7. Sounds Of Sebring
8. Tall Ships

Sample: [audio:|titles=Her Life Of Artistic Freedom (Live)|artists=Swirlies]

Download: Swirlies – Minneapolis – 5/14/96 – 245 MB

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  1. i have a video i shot of the swirlies from 1998. holler if you are interested! thanks for posting this!!!

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