The Monday Set: Love Of Diagrams – Los Angeles – 3/14/10

Love Of Diagrams
The Smell
Los Angeles, CA

Here’s Love Of Diagrams unfortunately extremely short set from their Los Angeles date on the latest tour. I caught them 3 times the last time they were in the US on their Mosaic tour, so I enjoyed that they stuck to playing new tracks off their latest fantastic Nowhere Forever LP.

1. Stones Throw
2. A Part Of You
3. Lookout
4. Forever
5. Mountain

Sample: [audio:|titles=Lookout (Live)|artists=Love Of Diagrams]

Download: Love Of Diagrams – Los Angeles – 3/14/10 – 172 MB


  1. Thanks for posting this. They’re opening for Partyline tomorrow. I was debating whether or not to get there early enough to see them. Based on this, I think I will.

  2. Love this band, especially now that they are adding a shoegaze element to their sound. Nowhere Forever is a fantastic record. I often listen to the live version of “Pace or the Patience” that you posted here awhile back, so thanks for sharing more live Love of Diagrams!

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