Nitzer Ebb – Promises (Live)

Nitzer Ebb are one of a few UK based bands that was a part of the 80’s and 90’s front guard Industrial/EBM efflorescence 프리즌아키텍트. I find that a bit surprising. Nearly all Industrial bands were from North America or were from Northern or Eastern Europe (Belgium, Germany) and otherwise skipped the UK entirely Samsung camera. All of the components were there but maybe they were too busy latching on to the burgeoning Manchester acid psychedelic of Happy Mondays and Stone Roses to have space for anything else Putty exe. I am sure this is a gross generalization, but I suspect that I am not missing the mark by much. Outside of Nitzer Ebb, who, I might note, took on a German sounding, albeit, made-up name, I can’t conjure up a single UK Industrial/EBM band from the UK in the 80s and early 90s 매드무비 브금 다운로드. Maybe I am missing something obvious, and please correct me if I am, I think this is a pretty interesting observations since I can’t think of any other genre (even grunge) with so little UK input broadcast sound effects. Discuss.

Nitzer Ebb have released their first album since the mid-90s with the 2009 release of “Industrial Complex” 재생 동영상. Along with the album came a tour which I caught on its NYC stop. This is Promise recorded live on Nitzer Ebb’s 2009 tour 산돌 고딕체.

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