Magnetic Fields – San Diego Zoo (Live)

Yesterday’s Yo La Tengo show reminded me of the first time (technically it was the second time, Stephen played an instore earlier that afternoon) I saw Magnetic Fields when they were their opening band 책 pdf. Compared to the lighthearted banter and fantastic sound of the shows like this one that was recorded at Cat’s Cradle in North Carolina, they were very distant and sounded “off” live Download the movie Resurrection. It could have been the large venue, huge stage and nearly empty room that got to them, but it was very disappointing compared to the live recordings I had heard of them up to that point 자기소개서 자유양식. This show and another one that I have of them from DC in ’95 are still some of my all time favorite live recordings.

[audio:|titles=San Diego Zoo (Live)|artists=Magnetic Fields]

Download: Magnetic Fields – San Diego Zoo (Live)