Happy Birthday!

One more year older, one more year that went by without a redesign. But we did add the fancy video/audio players to every post this year which was a HUGE undertaking. Since it’s inception, we’ve transferred nearly 6 terabytes of indie. Readership went down a bit this year, but overall data transfer went way up. Way, way up. I guess it’s quality over quantity (and us not sticking to the “one post every weekday” rule).

As always, thanks to all the people who have made requests, posted comments, sent e-mails and contributed stuff that has been posted. I can’t tell you how appreciative we are to people who comment and send stuff in to us to post and share. Thanks!


  1. unbelievable!
    i cannot understand how i’m being the first one posting my happy birthday dear overseas music providers…
    anyway, HAPPY BORTHDAY and keep on posting good musics and nice (rare!) stuffs and i’m sure we’ll keep those To worth of d/l coming…

  2. Happy Birthday and well done – and also well done for making me feel a bit bad for not thanking you everytime I come here and find something sweet! Maybe assume an extra comment on most posts!

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