The Monday Set: Celebration – New York City – 1/7/06

Bowery Ballroom
New York City, NY

One of my favorite things about writing for this blog is the reader contributions Download the kanji calligraphy font. Here is a fantastic early Celebration set from NYC. I did a little EQing and broke it up into individual tracks, but the credit for this fantastic recording goes out to TSOI reader, Matt ์—๋น„์ธ„.

1. Intro
2. New Skin
3. China
4. Tonight
5. Foxes
6. Holiday
7. Diamonds
8. Fly the Fly
9 ์†the guest. Stars
10. War

Sample: [audio:|titles=China (Live)|artists=Celebration]

Download: Celebration – New York City – 1/7/06 – 217 MB