Hotel Cafe
Los Angeles, CA

We caught Generationals when they played a very short 6 song set to surprisingly large and very vocal crowd of fans here in Los Angeles. Most of the tracks I recognized off their new Con Law LP, but there were a couple of unknown ones that they threw in there.

1. Exterior Street Day
2. When They Fight, They Fight
3. Nobody Could Change Your Mind
4. Unknown Track
5. Unknown Track
6. Angry Charlie

Sample: [audio:|titles=Angry Charlie (Live)|artists=Generationals]

Download: Generationals – Los Angeles – 7/31/09 – 116 MB


  1. Generationals are a couple of ex-Eames Era folks — hope to see them here in Baton Rouge in a few weeks. Glad to see some Louisiana music featured here.

  2. I didn’t really listen to Eames Era, but I’m digging the new Con Law record, frankly much more than I liked seeing them live.

    It’s funny, Generationals were just here and a week later it was Quintron. Not a bad week!

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