kmfdmKMFDM are back in 2009 with a new album and tour. [See KMFDM.COM]. Blitz, their new album, and a fair amount of their mammoth back-catalog can be found at and eMusic. I have only sporadically kept up with post WaxTrax! KMFDM after what, and I am guessing, is their high watermark, Angst. Angst is, in my opinion the apotheosis of the combined great KMFDM trademarks: self name-checking bravado, propulsive looped Slayer-esque guitar riffage, punishing beats, thick precision production, and apocalyptic sloganeering. Although KMFDM haven’t deviated a whole lot from the script over their 20+ year long career, several of the more recent KMFDM albums have large collaborative aspects and feature non-Sascha lead vocalists (some from other classic WaxTrax! bands) and therefore, as such, the tracks tend to rely on the strength of those collaborations.

It is also worth noting, to me anyway, that KMFDM have the very rare ability to convey humor which is done with excellent effect in the classic track “Sucks”: We Like Talking Dirty / We Smoke and We Drink /We’re KMFDM and All Other Bands Stink!
So True.

Here is a live take on another gem off of Angst.

[audio:|titles=Light (Live)|artists=KMFDM]

Download: KMFDM – Light (Live)

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