The Monday Set: Unrest – Minneapolis – 1/10/92

Uptown Bar & Grill
Minneapolis, MN

Here’s a fantastic quality Unrest recording which included a roughed out instrumental of the yet-to-be-released Isabel 에펙 플러그인. The recording is apparently soundboard sourced and one of the best live non-Peel Sessionn live Unrest recordings I’ve come across Download The Six Dragons once narsha.

1. Imperial
2. Suki
3. Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl
4. UFO
5. Wednesday And Proud
6. I Do Believe You Are Blushing
7 Download The Little Princess. Six Layer Cake (Instrumental)
8. Hydroplane
9. Bavarian Mods
10. Cherry Cherry

Sample: [audio:|titles=Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl (Live)|artists=Unrest]

Download: Unrest – Minneapolis – 1/10/92 – 289 MB