Kitty Daisy & Lewis – Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A

I had a chance to catch Kitty Daisy & Lewis a couple of nights ago before they start their massive tour opening for Coldplay(!?!). They played at The Echo here in Los Angeles, a place I loath due to the horrible sound. It started off pretty rough, but KD&L were able to turn it around and had the crowd begging for more. Although I have seen many bands technically do the whole R&B thing better, Kitty Daisy & Lewis put on such a fun show it’s easy to overlook the sometimes-questionable instrument tuning and musicianship. Coldplay fans won’t know what hit ’em!

[audio:|titles=Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A|artists=Kitty Daisy & Lewis]

Download: Kitty Daisy & Lewis – Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A

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