The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing (Live)

In late 90s Electroclash was a tag name given to a cadre of bands that were written up as a counterpoint to the garage rock revival of The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Hives as if it was an either/or proposition – a particularly annoying period in music journalism Gunbird. Whatever the case, on both ends of the spectrum great lasting bands were produced, with, on the synth pop Electroclash end, account for Ladytron, FischerSpooner, Le Tigre among others 공무원연금 다운로드.

These days, without too much fanfare there seems to be Electroclash v_02. Over the past year here on TSOI there have been many notable posts on the subject Listen to English. In very recent posts (see The Presets and Glass Candy posts), I have been commenting on this recent influx of synth based bands roaming the live circuit 불한당 다운로드. The Ting Tings fall under the growing subset of male/female duo synthpop bands. There are so many at this point that a new fleet seem to wash these shores like new flu strains 프린세스 메이커 4. Just today, I caught a case of Chairlift just after getting over a bad case of Little Boots.

Anyway, The Ting Tings are another variant out there and are snappy to a fault, too slight for my tastes, and therefore fall into into the league of M83 and The Presets as watering down the synthpop efflorescence that is underway 메탈슬러그6 다운로드. Keep eyes peeled for upcoming posts from vastly superior bands:FischerSpooner, The Faint, and Ladytron 안드로이드 이미지 일괄.

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