Glass Candy – Animal Imagination (Live)

I saw Glass Candy at a new New York venue called (le) poisson rouge, which, it turns out triggered some major de ja vu. I had been there before when the space was known as Life, where I saw one of the final Munki era The Jesus and Mary Chain shows before they broke-up on-stage some 10 years ago. It is nice to see a reinvigorated venue when so many have been closing.

The outfit, Glass Candy is of the male/female duo mold, which seems to be a popular format these days. The Kills, Ting Tings, Matt and Kim, and The Knife are other recently seen examples of this m/f prototype. Glass Candy, though, follow the I am the World Trade Center model of m/f duo and are therefore are comprised of the male element as DJ working some pre-programmed base tracks along with manning the keyboards and knob-turning along with a enchantress on vocals and dance steps. I didn’t pick up on an obvious hit single that tends to launch a dance influenced act like this, but I was pleased to find that the hour-long set provided a consistent set of solid House influenced pop – replete with subtle yet deft beats and synth grooves. I say, “worth a peek”.

[audio:|titles=Animal Imagination (Live)|artists=Glass Candy]

Download: Glass Candy – Animal Imagination (Live)

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