Ian McCulloch
Kilburn National
London, UK

Even though the sound quality of this average audience recording isn’t anything to get excited about, the track listing is stellar. And from what I can gather, Ian ended most of his “Candleland” shows with a great cover of Joy Division’s Ceremony.

1. The Flickering Wall
2. The White Hotel
3. Toad
4. Rescue
5. Horses Head
6. Faith & Healing
7. Candleland
8. I Know You Well
9. Killing Moon
10. Fear Of The Known
11. Rocket Ship
12. In Bloom
13. The Cape
14. Proud To Fall
15. Damnation
16. Pots of Gold
17. Ceremony

Sample: [audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2009/20090309/IM-Ceremony.mp3|titles=Ceremony (Live)|artists=Ian McCulloch]

Download: Ian McCulloch – London – 11-6-89 – 559 MB


  1. thanks for this…this was a great tour- saw Mac in Philly(TLA i believe with Ultra Vivid Scene opening)..jeezus, almost
    20 years ago.

  2. Kevin,
    You respond to Putuco and get those UVS concerts. I would love to hear them. Boy would I dig seeing them. Coachella has a long history of getting long broken-up bands to reform. See: Throbbing Gristle, Love and Rockets, Pixies, JMC, etc. Maybe Coachella will invite UVS and get them back together. That would be sweetness.

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