Suicide – Surrender (Live)

Suicide released their first album in 1977 and spent a fair amount of the remainder of the 70’s getting booed off of stages opening up for the likes of the Ramones at CBGBs Download Windows 10 ltsb. Suicide with their “un-punk” hard edge drum-machine backed synth freak-outs established a sound that presaged post-punk before punk even had a name 무료 클래식 음악. Like Joy Division, Suicide are an anomalous product of the punk movement, that has had as lasting an influence on current goings-on as nearly anyone full service 다운로드. Many of Suicide’s stylistic progeny are featured here on TSOI, and as such we all collectively owe Mr 델파이 xe7. Vega and Mr. Rev a great big hug.

Suicide are still active and play periodically around New York. This track, “Surrender” was recorded live last month and is off of the mammothly underrated 1988 Ric Ocasek produced “A Way of Life” album, which was recently re-released aoa 전집 다운로드. “Surrender” is a little doo-wop number filtered through the Suicide machine which gives it a super cool David Lynch type twisted poignancy Download the superear.

[audio:|titles=Surrender (Live)|artists=Suicide]

Download: Suicide – Surrender (Live)