I was looking through my iTunes list yesterday for something to post and I came across this Long Hind Legs track that I had digitized from the 12″ a few years ago. I grabbed the track and put it up on the site and realized that I had posted another track from this record exactly 3 years ago today. Weird. I first saw Long Hind Legs at the ’93 YoYo A GoGo in Olympia and out of all the amazing bands I saw that fest, they were the most impressive of all the unknown-to-me bands that played. Part of it has to do with my love of Vern’s bass lines, but they were certainly doing something that I hadn’t seen before which made them even more intriguing. Two guys, a keyboard, a drum machine and bass/guitar, a common setup now, but 15+ years ago that was pretty innovative. This song is on the b-side of the “Open Wide” 12″ which I believe you can still get from Buy Olympia. Some day soon I’ll have to get around to digitizing the Kicking Giant/Long Hind Legs cassette demo that I have in my closet.

[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2009/20090120/LHL-AlphabetsOfUnreason(Edit).mp3|titles=Alphabets Of Unreason (Edit)|artists=Long Hind Legs]

Download: Long Hind Legs – Alphabets Of Unreason (Edit)


  1. Thanks for this! Long Hind Legs is definitely one of my favorite bands from the NW. I would love to hear that demo!

  2. One of my old bands played several shows with Long Hind Legs when this 12″ came out, and they were amazing every time, and really bummed out the hardcore kids. I remember that Vern played the guitar that Tim Green used in NOU, and we were awestruck. Along with the first Love As Laughter CD, these are my favorite KRS/K releases of the era.

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