Long Hind Legs – Alphabets Of Unreason (Edit)

I was looking through my iTunes list yesterday for something to post and I came across this Long Hind Legs track that I had digitized from the 12″ a few years ago 1080p video. I grabbed the track and put it up on the site and realized that I had posted another track from this record exactly 3 years ago today. Weird. I first saw Long Hind Legs at the ’93 YoYo A GoGo in Olympia and out of all the amazing bands I saw that fest, they were the most impressive of all the unknown-to-me bands that played Download the Wai scene. Part of it has to do with my love of Vern’s bass lines, but they were certainly doing something that I hadn’t seen before which made them even more intriguing Spinmaster. Two guys, a keyboard, a drum machine and bass/guitar, a common setup now, but 15+ years ago that was pretty innovative. This song is on the b-side of the “Open Wide” 12″ which I believe you can still get from Buy Olympia 메이븐 라이브러리 다운로드. Some day soon I’ll have to get around to digitizing the Kicking Giant/Long Hind Legs cassette demo that I have in my closet.

[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2009/20090120/LHL-AlphabetsOfUnreason(Edit).mp3|titles=Alphabets Of Unreason (Edit)|artists=Long Hind Legs]

Download: Long Hind Legs – Alphabets Of Unreason (Edit)