The Monday Set: The Cardigans – Cologne, Germany – 10-12-96

The Cardigans
Koln Theater
Cologne, Germany

Unfortunately, this is only part of this show 짱구 어른제국의 역습. As was the case with a lot of cassette trades back in the day, one show could get split across 2 cassettes. As careful as I was with my live recordings, I still managed to loose a few tapes here and there during various moves 기타코드 다운로드. The second half of this Cardigans recording is one that managed to slip away. It’s not a huge loss, it’s just an average (at best) audience recording Download Shin Young Girl. One notable thing about this show is that they played Something So Wrong which I don’t have on any other live recordings.

1 swf player 다운로드. Iron Man (Cut)
2. Your New Cuckoo
3. Sick & Tired
4. Step On Me
5. Something So Wrong
6. Celia Inside
7. Fine
8 Download spl viewer. Happy Meal II
9. Inbetweener
10. Been It
11. Hey! Get Out Of My Way (Cut)

[audio:|titles=Something So Wrong (Live)|artists=The Cardigans]
Something So Wrong (Live)

Download: The Cardigans – Cologne, Germany – 10-12-96 – 258 MB