The Monday Set: The Cardigans – Cologne, Germany – 10-12-96

The Cardigans
Koln Theater
Cologne, Germany

Unfortunately, this is only part of this show. As was the case with a lot of cassette trades back in the day, one show could get split across 2 cassettes. As careful as I was with my live recordings, I still managed to loose a few tapes here and there during various moves. The second half of this Cardigans recording is one that managed to slip away. It’s not a huge loss, it’s just an average (at best) audience recording. One notable thing about this show is that they played Something So Wrong which I don’t have on any other live recordings.

1. Iron Man (Cut)
2. Your New Cuckoo
3. Sick & Tired
4. Step On Me
5. Something So Wrong
6. Celia Inside
7. Fine
8. Happy Meal II
9. Inbetweener
10. Been It
11. Hey! Get Out Of My Way (Cut)

[audio:|titles=Something So Wrong (Live)|artists=The Cardigans]
Something So Wrong (Live)

Download: The Cardigans – Cologne, Germany – 10-12-96 – 258 MB

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