San Francisco, CA

This is a great audience recording from the “Spooky” tour. From the sound of it, it can’t be too far from the original. The only “Downer” (ha, ha) is that the first part of “Bitter” is cut off. It even sounds like this is in stereo, which is pretty rare for an early 90’s audience cassette recording.

1. Bitter
2. God’s Gift
3. Nothing Natural
4. Ocean
5. For Love
6. Starlust
7. Covert
8. De-luxe
9. Downer
10. Sweetness and Light
11. Superblast!
12. Monochrome
13. Baby Talk

[audio:|titles=God’s Gift (Live)|artists=Lush]

Download: Lush – San Francisco, CA – 4/14/92 – 398 MB


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  2. wow, what an incredible find.
    i was at this show and cant say enough how cool it is to get a recording of it.
    thanks a million!!!

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