Marc Radcliffe Session
Radio 1

A much better quality version of this recording can be found on the “BBC Radio One Sessions” record, but this is a full recording of the radio session including the interviews.

1. Interview
2. Untitled #1 (Check and Double Check)
3. Interview
4. Untitled #2 (Seeperbold)
5. Interview
6. International Colouring Contest
7. Interview
8. Anamorphose

[audio:|titles=Anamorphose (Live)|artists=Stereolab]

Download: Stereolab – Marc Radcliffe Session – 11/22/94 – 136 MB


  1. Greetings from Indonesia..
    Wheew..i like stereolab a lot! thx for this posting..
    Btw, may I link your weblog to my personal ones?
    I really like this blog, since a year ago

  2. Kevin, be aware of copyright problems of stuff like this. Just a thought… thanks for the share, I already have the CD 🙂

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