The Monday Set: The Wedding Present – Hoboken – 5/26/94

The Wedding Present
Hoboken, NJ

A couple of years ago I posted a video from this same show 창모드. This is a far superior audience recording from a different source. Only one problem…the cassette that I had listed this show as May 26 at Maxwell’s, where the video was listed as May 30th 진격의거인 플래시게임. Here at TSOI we strive to be as accurate as possible, and all of my usual sources didn’t turn up an exact date, so if knows please let us know NetFramework 4.7. Anyway, enjoy this better than average audience recording of a great and very long Wedding Present Watusi-era set.

Set List:
1 audio equalizer. Let Him Have It
2. Blue Eyes
3. So Long, Baby
4. Corduroy
5. Big Rat (Ooops!)
6. Gazebo
7. Silver Shorts
8. Big Rat
9 catia v5 r25 다운로드. California
10. Click Click
11. The Queen of Outer Space
12. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
13. Rotterdam
14. Swimming Pools Movie Stars
15 박상민 중년 다운로드. Crawl
16. It’s A Gas
17. Dare
18. Catwoman

[audio:|titles=Rotterdam (Live)|artists=The Wedding Present]
Rotterdam (Live)

Download: The Wedding Present – Hoboken – 5/26/94 – 379 MB