The Monday Set: The Cardigans – Santa Monica, CA – 6/18/96

The Cardigans
KCRW Radio
Morning Becomes Eclectic
Santa Monica, CA

Here’s a recording of The Cardigans during their promotional stop at KCRW for “Life.” Sounds like they were having a few technical difficulties that day, but the songs themselves are fine, it’s only the interviews that are a bit messy 솔리드웍스. As an added bonus, the person who sent me this stuck one track from their El Rey show the night before on the end of the cassette.

Set List:
1 videopad 다운로드. Interview (Technical Difficulties)
2. Interview (Technical Difficulties)
3. Interview
4. Hey! Get Out Of My Way
5. Interview
6 Download Windows 7 ie9. Carnival
7. Interview
8. Celia Inside
9. Interview
10. Sick And Tired
11. Interview
12. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath*

*Recorded live at The El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, CA – 6/17/96

[audio:|titles=Hey Download the Kids Note notification! Get Out Of My Way (Live)|artists=The Cardigans]

Download: The Cardigans – Santa Monica, CA – 6/18/96 – 220 MB