The Monday Set: Lush – West Hollywood, CA – 4/17/96

The Whiskey
West Hollywood, CA

This fairly average Lush show turned out to be great after I gave it a little EQ job 서바이버. It’s just one of many recordings from the Lovelife tour that I still had on cassette. There’s a little bit of tape hiss, but other than that, it’s one of the better audience recordings I’ve come across ielts ingang.

Set List:
1. Heavenly Nobodies
2. The Childcatcher
3. Lovelife
4. 500
5. Single Girl
6. Kiss Chase
7 응답하라 1988 혜화동. De-Luxe
8. Light From A Dead Star
9. Undertow
10. Hypocrite
11. Runaway
12. For Love
13. Sweetness And Light
14 Download Thundersound. Last Night
15. Ladykillers

[audio:|titles=Runaway (Live)|artists=Lush]

Download: Lush – West Hollywood, CA – 4/17/96 – 396 MB