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Engine Kid – Unknown Track
Atomic Cafe
Rapid City, SD

I always liked seeing Engine Kid live, but I don’t think I ever purchased any of their releases except the split with Ice Burn. Maybe it’s that the power of 8+ minute long songs don’t translate the same way on record as they do being performed by the band in front of you. Or maybe it was the volume. Regardless, you can see in this clip why I was always impressed by them live. And as always, if you can identify the track, let me know.

Update: Thanks to Mark for identifying the songs.

Download: Engine Kid – Stitches/Bear Catching Fish (Live Video)

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  1. This is actually two songs, the first is “Stitches” from the album “Angel Wings” on Revelation Records. The second song starts at 5:40 and is “Quarter Mile Thunder” from “Bear Catching Fish” on C/Z Records. I believe that song was also released on a 7″ before that, but it’s pretty much the same song. Great performances…

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