The Monday Set: The Creatures – Paris, France – 3/7/90

The Creatures
The Bataclan
Paris, France

Here’s an interesting recording for fans of The Creatures Download Spider-Man The Universe. It’s a soundcheck that they did before their set in Paris during the Boomerang tour. The first 4 tracks have no vocals, then Siouxsie joins in for the last two Download legitimate music. I kept some of the banter between Budgie and Siouxsie and the person doing sound in there, but tried to remove any of the other long gaps between tracks Download Mark Space Mode. I’m not sure if someone recorded the actual concert since this soundcheck is the only one I’ve seen from that date.

Set List:
1 시퀀서 프로그램. Manchild
2. You!
3. Untiedundone
4. Strolling Wolf
5. Talking
6. Mad Eyed Screamer
7. Talking
8. Simoom
9 꼭두각시 서커스 16 다운로드. Talking
10. Fury Eyes (cut)

[audio:|titles=Strolling Wolf (Live)|artists=The Creatures]

Download: The Creatures – Paris, France – 3/7/90 – 169 MB