The Kills – Cheap And Cheerful (Video)

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This is a mighty good video off of the new Kills album, Midnight Boom. I have heard several of the new songs off of the new album at past live shows and pleased that The Kills have taken a different approach to arrangement and production when taking the songs into the studio. Midnight Boom is a nice progression. The sound of The Kills on their first two records in particular, somehow (for me anyway) create the image of what it might sound like if PJ Harvey sang for Morphine.

This new album is special in that it is the first new release that I specifically bought in a digital download format rather than going out and buying the cd. There are many casualties in digitization of music, some good (major labels), some bad (sound fidelity), but the one that I really makes me wince is the demise of the local record/cd store. It kills me that that experience is quickly receding into a quaint by-gone era and frankly we are worse off for it.

I think we might be able to have it both ways to a certain extent. I bought Midnight Boom off of the Other Music (a stalwart NYC record store) webstore on the day of the cd release. I was heartened by this because I abhor the prospect of the continuing trend of music sales falling into the loathsome few hands of iTunes, Walmart etc. So, good people of TSOI, whenever possible, keep your digital (or otherwise) music purchases local/indie as I just did.

Anyway, The Kills are currently on tour with stylist siblings, and criminally overlooked, Child Ballads led by Stewart Lupton of Jonathan Fire*Eater fame, making this a tour that can’t be missed…that is unless you are literally bat-shit retarded.

Download: The Kills – Cheap And Cheerful (Video)

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