Dead Silence
JJ’s Rose Arcade
Rapid City, SD

Here’s a set from one of the best mid-west punk bands out there. Dead Silence were one of the most political bands I can think of, easily up there with the likes of Los Crudos, etc. They were also one of the first bands I can remember that wrote songs about animal rights. This is a really great recording taken off the soundboard. If anyone has the names of the “Unknown Tracks”, I would love to find them out.

Set List:
1. Unknown Track
2. Talking
3. Faith River
4. Why?
5. Out of This World
6. Talking
7. We Turn Away
8. Talking
9. Belly Full Of Lies
10. Can you?

Update: Thanks to Joel for the song titles.

[audio:|titles=Belly Full of Lies (Live)|artists=Dead Silence]

Download: Dead Silence – Rapid City, SD – 3/5/94 – 131 MB

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  1. Thanks for this – that show was pretty cool!

    1. some misc soundcheck song – didn’t really have a title
    4. Why?
    5. Out of This World
    10. Can you?

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