The Monday Set: Bauhaus – Oxford, UK – 8/11/80

Scamps Disco
Oxford, UK

This was one of the very first “bootleg” cassettes I ever owned Self-introduction ppt. Way back in the day before the fancy interweb, you had to look through the back of magazines and request people’s lists via mail. I bought this cassette which also included their ’83 Glasgow set off someone’s list and listened to it obsessively for years 설레여라 mp3. I finally got around to transferring it to CD.

Set List:
1 Double Dare
2 In The Flat Field
3 Boys
4 Telegram Sam
5 Dancing
6 Small Talk Stinks
7 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
8 Stigmata Martyr
9 St 피아노 연주곡. Vitus Dance

[audio:|titles=Boys (Live)|artists=Bauhaus]

Download: Bauhaus – Oxford, UK – 8/11/80 – 205 MB